What to Look For in a Chiropractic Consultant

In conversations with many chiropractors each and every week, I am amazed at how many do not have a chiropractic consultant or coach. All great athletes have coaches. All successful CEO’s have coaches. If you take your practice seriously, you need one as well. As one of my mentors Brian Tracy says, “you need to learn from the experts, because you will not have enough time to learn it all on your own”. I am going to discuss some of the key questions you need to ask before hiring a chiropractic consultant.

The first question to ask yourself, is the coach currently in practice? Many of the top consultants are now out of practice. In most cases, that is okay. However, I personally like to mentor and coach with those who are still in the trenches and are experiencing chiropractic practice today. I have been in practice for the past eleven years in Southern California, one of the most chiropractic competitive areas of the country. I have found that what works in marketing your chiropractic message in most areas of the country, usually has very little success in this Southern California.

The second question to ask is what is the focus of their coaching? For many of the consultants out there, a major emphasis is on acquiring new patients and marketing. Although this is a very important part of building a successful practice, I have found out by my experiences, that there is very little emphasis on running a profitable, efficient business and strategies for taxes, etc. Most chiropractors have never owned a business before, and the reason they became chiropractors was to help people. How many chiropractors do you know, who see a lot of patients each week, yet are struggling financially because of the lack of business skills?

Another question that you need to ask is who will actually be coaching you? Are you going to be communicating with the principle of the company, or will it be an employee of the consultant? I know from my experience a few years back, there really was no communication with the chiropractic consultant, and I had to deal with someone who was an employee and not even a chiropractor. Learning from webinars, seminars and tutorials is a very large part of most consultants programs. Are you getting great value for the cost of these services each and every month make sense?

There are many great chiropractic coaches who still practice today out there, so you need to do your research before making a very important decision for your practice future. When you make your decision, give it your full participation.

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